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Some of the strongest and most sturdy structures in the world contain arcs. Buildings, bridges, and doorways often include arches in order to sustain the forces continually acting upon them. The longevity of these structures, both new and historic, depend on sustaining the design for hundreds of years. Structures tend to maintain their strength and resilence until the first signs surface that one of the arches began to weaken.

The model reflects human biomechanics. The most important structures in the body contain arcs. The human spine comprises the most importnace arches of all. The spine requires three important curves for optimal health. The curvatures make the spine stronger and more durable. Losing curves in the spine alters the function in the body and predisposes the bones and discs unnecessary wear and tear.

Loss of the spinal curves usually occurs slowly over years or decades due to poor posture and ergonomics. Spinal curves also reduced due to trauma such as whiplash or other forms of natural or unnatural impact. Abonormal spinal curves create cosmetic changes which affect appearance and posture but the most harmful result of losing curvature degrees come from the damage done to nerve and blood flow. Loss of neck curve alone associates with decreased vertebral artery hemodynamics. This means a loss of appropriate neck curve reduces blood flow to specific parts of the brain and body.

A 2019 study utilized Magnetic Rsonance Angiogram (MRA) to measure cerebral blood flow before and after taking steps to improve th neck curve. Decreased neck curvature also reflected decreased blood flow on MRA reports. Correction of the neck curve resulted in an immediate and significant increase in the amount of cerebral blood flowing to and from the brain. The results proved consistent with the notion that biomechanicsinfluence physiology. Scientific evidence continues to emphasize the value of Chiropractic care for those with or without the manifestation of the negative health symptoms. Proactive care for the spine and nervous system prove essential to long term health care. The curves in the spine play an important role in spinal health, spinal lognevity, and whole-body health. Every spine in every person deserves the care and attention needed for a vibrant future full of life and health.


Dr. Paul Bergley Dr. Paul Bergley is celebrating 32 wonderful years of providing chiropractic care in Isanti County! His practice has been in Isanti, MN the past 10 years. He offers chiropractic spinal and extremity adjusting; rehabilitation exercises; weight loss and functional medicine (applied Kinesiology) and a wealth of knowledge to improve the health and well being of patrons he has had the privilege to serve.

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